Rules & Regulations
  1. All directives, rules and regulations of the Goshin Isshinryu Karate must be followed by students. Meditation, bowing and removing shoes prior to entering the dojo are part of Isshinryu karate training to promote self-control, relaxation, respect and discipline. No students are exempted from observing this principle for any reason whatsoever.
  2. Students must wear clean and neat uniform (GI). It is also compulsory to bring the belt to every lesson alongside the appropriate equipment required for the lesson (Sparring kit, Weapons, etc.). Students may be asked to sit out if they have not followed this rule.
  3. It is prohibited for students to wear any sort of jewellery during training. Any jewellery must be removed before entering the dojo.
  4. Students must be punctual to every lesson. It is also required for the students to have a minimum of 90% attendance for belt grading examinations. Please notify the instructor of any absences prior to the lesson for the absence to be authorised.
  5. Students suffering from asthma or any other breathing difficulties must bring equipment/medication as prescribed by the doctor. Goshin Isshinryu Karate will not be held responsible for issues that may be caused due to the absence of the equipment/medication.
  6. Goshin Isshinryu Karate is covered by insurance for all the eventualities and injuries in respect of trainees. No individual of Goshin Isshinryu Karate is personally liable for any claims whatsoever.
  7. Students must not misuse the noble art, show off, bully around, teach karate without permission and make public contacts on behalf of Goshin Isshinryu Karate without authorisation. Any such violations will be subjected to suspension and will be liable for the damage.
  8. Students must take care when carrying and handling karate equipment such as sparring kits and weapons. Such equipment must not be used for anything other than practicing and training purposes.
  9. Goshin Isshinryu Karate is an institute of equal opportunity.
  10. Students who are not willing to adhere strictly to the rules, regulations and discipline are at their liberty to discontinue the training without having any rights or claims whatsoever against Goshin Isshinryu Karate.